Welcome to Netgem Dev Center
Create interactive TV applications for Netgem set-top boxes.

About us

Netgem is a leader of IPTV solutions, providing its technologies to telecom operators, enabling them to add value to their broadband offerings and to answer to a growing demand for multimedia and multi-screens consumption at home. Netgem is present in more than 10 countries with an install base of more than 3 million around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical skills required to develop with Netgem SDK?
Knowledge of JavaScript and a markup language is required. It is not necessary to know C/C++.
How does it work?
You develop pages in JavaScript that can be hosted on a web server or embedded on the set top box. Your pages will be interpreted and executed on the set top box by Netgem browser. Specific TV features such as access to the tuner are available in JavaScript.
How long does it take to learn the language?
It usually takes 2 weeks to 1 month of practice to become a fully skilled Netgem developer.
What kind of application can you create?
You can create a very broad range of Interactive TV applications. Some examples are: video player app, EPG, PVR, VoD catalog, social network app, photo album, games, news, music streaming applications, media center, email client, visual voice mail and all the companion mobile and tablet applications that goes along.
Is the SDK free of charge?
Yes, the SDK is available free of charge.
Can I sell the application I have developed?
Yes, the application developed are your property. The only obligations are to communicate to Netgem a description of the application to be referred in Netgem Application Catalogue.
Will the application developed run similarly on any Netgem set top box?
Applications developed with Netgem SDK will run similarly on all Netgem set top boxes with a middleware version 5+. For instance if you create an application for a Toshiba box it will run without adaptation on the T-Box by Telstra.
Will my applications run on future version of the SDK?
We will make sure that applications are forward compatible with Netgem SDK.
Do you propose technical training services?
Yes you can order a training session. Contact partners@netgem.com
How do I get a test set top box?
Upon signature of the Netgem Developer Program agreement, Netgem will send to you the requested client-specific set top boxes. These boxes should be used for development and testing purposes only.
Can I use a standard ISP (Netgem) set top box to test my applications?
No, you won’t have the credentials and certificate to connect to the set top box and inject your source code. You need to ask for a development set top box.
How many Netgem set top boxes are currently in use?
Currently there are 3 000 000+ Netgem set top boxes in use worldwide.
Do you have a Native Development Kit?
No, the low level tools and libraries are for internal use by Netgem only.