Thanks to its flexible architecture, our firmware allows for a wide variety of applications to be built upon it.
Surfing on the success of the famous social network, the app on TV is a great way to share live TV programs.
Flickr Photo Album
Developed by Wiztivi, the famous free photo sharing in your TV screen to enjoy from your sofa.
Rockswap Adventure
A great tetris like game developed by Accedo Broadband, where you have to swap gems to form horizontal or vertical raws.
News Reader
Developed by Multimediavision, News Application brings news, blog posts and other syndicated content to the TV screen.
Weather Forecast
Developed by Multimediavision for Telekom Slovenia, this application allows you to know the weather forecast of any place around the world from you living-room.
Developed by our in-house teams, this application allows you to access thousands of videos online.